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Funeral Services


Our professional staff walks you through each step of the funeral service, delivering a full array of options to choose from.


At Turrentine Jackson Morrow – Frisco, we understand the importance of honoring the lives of those we have lost. Our classic funeral service is a widely recognized and respected option for commemorating the life of your loved one.

This service typically includes three key components: (1) a viewing, which can be arranged at our funeral home on the day or evening before the service, (2) the funeral ceremony, which can be conducted in our dedicated chapel or at your chosen place of worship, and (3) interment and graveside ceremonies at a site chosen by the family.

Additionally, we offer the option to organize a reception or a gathering for family and close friends after the service. This traditional format provides a significant opportunity for families to come together, for friends to offer support, and for the sharing of memories and stories as part of the healing journey.

In crafting this classic service, we offer numerous ways to personalize the ceremony to truly reflect the unique journey of your loved one. Our team at Turrentine Jackson Morrow – Frisco is here to guide you through these choices, including:

  • Choosing the location for the service, be it in our serene chapels or your personal place of worship.
  • Deciding on personal touches to include, such as cherished memorabilia, a tribute video, or a casket spray featuring favorite flowers.
  • Selecting the final resting place.
  • Choosing who will officiate the service.
  • Customizing the funeral service to honor your loved one’s legacy. We provide a range of suggestions to help guide you.
  • Arranging a post-service reception or meal.

Our experience and flexibility at Turrentine Jackson Morrow – Frisco mean we can accommodate unique requests and circumstances. We offer a range of services including:

  • Viewing and graveside service, followed by a memorial service and reception.
  • Viewing and graveside service without a funeral or memorial service.
  • Local viewing and funeral service, with subsequent transportation of the body for burial either out of town or abroad.
  • Local viewing only, with transportation of the body for funeral and burial elsewhere.
  • Coordination of transportation for your loved one if they pass away outside of town or country, to any of our locations for services or burial in North Texas.

Our commitment at Turrentine Jackson Morrow – Frisco is to provide a respectful and memorable service that honors the life and legacy of your loved one.

Funeral and Cremation Services

Selecting the Ideal Service for Your Needs

Making choices to honor the memory of your loved one is a deeply personal journey, and our skilled team at Turrentine Jackson Morrow – Frisco is here to guide you through these important decisions. In collaboration with your dedicated funeral director, you will make three crucial choices that shape the entire commemoration process: (1) the type of service you prefer, (2) the method of body treatment, and (3) the final resting place for your loved one. Although traditional funeral services with burial are common, cremation is increasingly becoming a preferred choice. Here are some aspects to consider for each option.

Considerations To Keep In Mind:

  • Does your religious or faith tradition influence your decision?
  • Will your family or decision-makers be in agreement with your choice?
  • What is your budget for these services?
  • Are there any time constraints affecting the scheduling of the service?
  • Which services and burial options are you considering?


Maya Angelou beautifully stated,

“I believe that each of us comes from the Creator, trailing wings of joy.”

Traditional Funeral Service

The traditional funeral service with burial continues to be a favored choice among many families. The familiar rituals of these services often provide comfort and solace to those grieving.

Within this traditional framework, Turrentine Jackson Morrow – Frisco presents various options, including visitation, viewing, rosary service, conventional funeral service, graveside service, and receptions. These services can range from public to private and from modest to elaborate, based on family preferences. There are also diverse burial options, including in-ground, mausoleum, or private family estates.

“Helen Keller once said, ‘What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.’”


With the growing popularity of cremation services, the practices associated with it are also evolving. Nowadays, you can have the same services with cremation as with traditional burial, including family visitation, viewing, rosary service, services in our chapel or a church, and receptions. These services provide a valuable opportunity for families and friends to come together and celebrate the life of the deceased.

There are also expanding choices for the placement of cremated remains. These include traditional gravesites with headstones or memorials, similar to conventional burials. Our facilities offer a columbarium as well. Families may also choose to scatter the cremated remains at a meaningful location (subject to necessary permissions) or keep the remains in an urn.

Cremation Options


Cremation is a choice that is increasingly favored by families, offering a range of service options that allow for meaningful tributes and remembrances.

When selecting cremation, many of the decisions mirror those made for traditional funeral services:

  • Many families opt for a service to celebrate the life of their loved one. Such memorials provide a space to say farewell, share in grief, exchange memories, and begin the healing process for those who continue on.
  • Would you prefer a traditional funeral service with the body present before cremation, or a memorial service where the body is not present?
  • What personal tributes, like a tribute video, do you wish to include?
  • What type of visitation arrangements would best suit your family’s needs?
  • Where do you intend for the remains to be placed to rest?
  • What style of urn or container do you envision for the final remains?

At Turrentine Jackson Morrow – Frisco, we are proud to operate the only on-site crematory in our county. We believe it’s crucial for families to have peace of mind, knowing that their loved one remains in our care throughout the entire process. This commitment is part of our dedication to providing the most personalized service in North Texas.


Casket Burial


Casket interment remains the preferred choice for many families when considering final resting places. At each of our Memorial Parks, we uphold the highest standards in burial practices, ensuring the long-term preservation and integrity of our sites for future generations.

We offer an extensive selection of caskets, featuring a range of materials. It’s important to discuss with your funeral director the specific attributes of these materials to ensure your choice aligns with your expectations. For instance, some materials are known for their durability, while others are designed to decompose more naturally.

In-Ground Burial Options

All our in-ground burial sites necessitate the use of a burial vault or grave liner. These structures prevent the gravesite from collapsing over time, preserving its beauty and integrity. A grave liner ensures the site’s stability, while a burial vault additionally provides a dry environment for the casket or urn. Our Memorial Parks feature various gardens that can accommodate a range of headstones, in-ground memorials, and statues, allowing for a unique personalization of your chosen site.

Mausoleum Interment

For those who prefer above-ground interment, we offer personal mausoleums. These provide a distinguished and protected space, with each area marked by a bronze memorial or engraving directly on the crypt front. Many of our mausoleum options allow for the placement of simple floral arrangements to honor your loved one. Our garden mausoleum at Ridgeview Memorial Park features a covered walkway, ensuring easy access to your loved one’s resting place, protected from the elements.

Graveside Services

Opting for a graveside service is a choice many families make. This service can follow a chapel or church service, or it can precede a memorial service. It’s also possible to have the graveside service as a standalone event, especially if the burial is far from the deceased’s home. Some families choose the graveside service as the sole formal commemoration. This intimate gathering marks the moment when the casket or urn is placed in its final resting place.

Cremation Burial


Cremation interment is an increasingly popular choice among our families. Contrary to the common belief that cremated remains must be scattered or kept in a personal urn, they can actually be interred in a manner quite similar to traditional burials, thereby creating a lasting memorial for your loved one.

Traditional Gravesite: Cremated remains can be placed in a conventional gravesite, complete with a memorial, headstone, or other forms of memorialization. For couples who both choose cremation, a single gravesite can accommodate separate urns, allowing them to remain together.

Columbarium Niche: Similar to how a mausoleum houses caskets, our columbarium provides a dignified above-ground structure for cremation urns. Each niche in the columbarium is marked with a personalized memorial. We offer both individual and companion niches for families.

Urn Selection: Our selection of urns is extensive and varied, offering many personalization options to reflect the unique spirit of your loved one.

Graveside Service: Families may opt for a graveside service as the cremated remains are laid to their final resting place, whether in-ground or in a columbarium. This service can be part of a larger memorial service or a private moment for family and close friends to reflect and say goodbye.

Ridgeview Memorial Park Pavilion: The pavilion near our Ridgeview Memorial Park columbarium provides a serene, private space for remembrance gatherings. It’s an ideal setting for families who prefer a less formal, outdoor environment, and it’s often used to combine a memorial service with a reception, allowing for a peaceful time of reflection and celebration of life.